STOP Using Create React App

June 4, 2022123325


Create React App is a plague and we're here to cure it. Please use Vite, NextJS, or Remix instead. Seriously, anything is better than this crap. If this video is too long, you can skip to 1:01:06 for my "answer" on what to use instead :) If you enjoyed this, make sure to stop by my streams and discord Full VOD from this stream (lots of other fun stuff in it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qP2H1d8XXI Streams: https://twitch.tv/theo Discord: https://t3.gg/discord Table Of Contents 0:00 - Intros and context 3:35 - Death By Polyfills 11:08 - Ground Rules 13:40 - What Is CRA? 17:04 - CRACO - Wrap Your Mistake In Mistakes 19:47 - How Things Are Changing 27:00 - Breaking down our options 35:08 - Actually Trying CRA 38:09 - History of NextJS 42:27 - Turning NextJS into CRA (by making it worse) 48:00 - Back to comparing options 56:00 - Vite? 1:01:06 - WHAT SHOULD I USE? (Skip here for the answer) 1:07:32 - How to transition off CRA?