How To Create A GitHub Profile README (NEW) // Github Tutorial: Add A New Profile! Get A Job!

July 15, 202083655


Github has a new feature! You can now customize your profile with a README using markdown! Learn how to in this video, and see what other people are doing! #github #githubprofile #webdevelopment πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Check out The Coding Career Handbook for more advice from going to a junior to senior developer by swyx! https://bit.ly/3h4tpF1 πŸ‘‰Check out my last video on how to become a web developer! https://youtu.be/PaMj9s7g-PQ πŸ“š Sign up and get notified about my new Vue 3 course! β€” http://bit.ly/2vFWBQi πŸ“š Sign up here to get the first chapter of my book (Vue.js in Action) and a cheatsheet - http://bit.ly/2GWWuEw β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ 0:00 Introduction 0:14 Adding README.md To Github 3:38 Other Github Profiles MY COURSES - β†’ VUE.JS + NUXT.JS (Two Courses In One) - http://bit.ly/2LalQka β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ Make Sure To Check These Courses Out On Udemy! πŸ’» β†’ JAVASCRIPT ALGORITHMS COLT STEELE'S COURSE - http://bit.ly/2L8HSPV β†’ THE WEB DEVELOPER BOOTCAMP (GREAT FOR BEGINNERS) β€” http://bit.ly/2zP4alw πŸ‘‰ Algo expert is the best way to learn algorithms! Check out my code and get 15% off at checkout with code "erik" http://algoexpert.io/erik ___ Links (and code) https://dev.to/m0nica/how-to-create-a-github-profile-readme-1paj MY WEBSITE β€” http://www.programwitherik.com MY TWITTER β€” http://www.twitter.com/erikch