JavaScript for the Haters

November 24, 2022421901


Why does everybody hate JavaScript so much? A complete roast of JS that highlights the strongest criticisms against the world's most popular programming language. #javascript #roast #comedy šŸ”„ Black Friday Discount https://fireship.io/pro šŸ”„ Use code BLACKFIRE at checkout for 40% off šŸ’¬ Chat with Me on Discord https://discord.gg/fireship šŸ”— Resources - Full JavaScript Course https://fireship.io/courses/js - JavaScript in 100 Seconds https://youtu.be/DHjqpvDnNGE - React for the Haters https://youtu.be/HyWYpM_S-2c šŸŽØ My Editor Settings - Atom One Dark - vscode-icons - Fira Code Font šŸ”– Topics Covered - JS Roast - Funny JavaScript features - Worst aspects of JavaScript - JavaScript pitfalls - JavaScript drama