TypeScript Speedrun: Crash Course for Beginners

December 13, 202215537


The ultimate TypeScript tutorial is the TypeScript docs. In this video, I take you on a crash course of the TypeScript handbook, focusing on the beginners section. To continue your journey, take Matt's beginner's course. It's free, interactive, and fast-paced. https://www.totaltypescript.com/tutorials/beginners-typescript Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattpocockuk TypeScript Error Translator: http://mattpocock.com/vscode 00:00 Intro 00:37 TypeScript for JavaScript Programmers 03:16 TypeScript Handbook 03:26 Runtime errors 03:44 Error Messages 05:26 3rd-party libraries 06:08 Installing TypeScript 06:27 Running tsc 07:23 TypeScript on CI 08:11 Strictness 09:39 Should you be strict? 10:35 string, number, boolean 10:56 Arrays 11:50 Arrays vs Tuples 12:16 any 13:41 Typing variables 14:11 Typing functions 15:02 Object types 16:05 Optional object properties 16:45 Union types 18:05 Type and Interface 18:59 Type assertions 20:06 as any 20:42 Literal types 22:26 null and undefined 22:56 Outro